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Coming Soon: Ant Tasks for HFCD

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Since the last update, I’ve been working on bugs and of the many bugs I fixed, 4 of them are critical enough that I think I should update HFCD again this weekend. One of them has been around forever and the rest of them are Windows-related (I really should spend more time on Windows!).

Also, I’ve been working on some Ant tasks for HFCD. The testing is almost done so I think they are likely to be included in the next HFCD update.

So, what it’s like in build.xml? Take a look:

<project name="MyProject" default="main" basedir=".">
    <taskdef name="hfcd" classname=""/>
    <property name="helloworld.dir" value="${basedir}/helloworld"/>
    <property name="myLib.dir" value="${basedir}/myLib"/>
    <target name="main">
                <fileset dir="${basedir}" includes="**/*">
                    <exclude name="build.hfcd/**/*"/>
                    <exclude name="apps/**/*"/>
                    <exclude name="libs/**/*"/>
                    <exclude name="build.xml"/>
            <application id="helloworld" depends="myLib"
                    description="Building apps/helloworld.swf">
                <fileset file="${helloworld.dir}/src/helloworld.mxml"/>
                    -library-path "${basedir}/libs/myLib.swc"
            <library id="myLib" output="${basedir}/libs/myLib.swc">
                    <fileset file="${myLib.dir}/src/com/foo/"/>
                    -source-path "${myLib.dir}/src"
    <target name="clean">
        <delete file="${basedir}/apps/helloworld.swf" />
        <delete file="${basedir}/libs/myLib.swc" />
        <hfcd clean="true" />

Don’t worry about the syntax. Once it’s out there, I’ll blog about it in more details.

What’s cool about this is that you can now hook up HFCD with your favorite Flex IDE (as long as your favorite IDE supports Apache Ant)!


Written by Clement Wong

December 16, 2009 at 6:21 pm

2 Responses

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  2. […] Coming Soon: Ant Tasks for HFCD […]

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